The Andy Griffith Show - The Complete Third Season (1960) Review

The Andy Griffith Show - The Complete Third Season (1960)
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Looking at the episodes in season three, I was astounded at how many of my all-time TAGS favorites are from this season (Convicts-at-Large, Man in a Hurry, The Mayberry Band, The Cow Thief, Aunt Bee's Medicine Man, Barney's First Car, A Wife for Andy, and Barney and the Governor). Man in a Hurry is consistently voted as the best TAGS episode by fans. This season also introduced audiences to: Helen Crump, Mayor Roy Stoner, the Darlings, Ernest T. Bass, Malcolm Merrieweather, and the Fun Girls. Here's all you get:
Opie's Rival: Opie is jealous of his father's courtship with a local nurse.
Andy and Opie-Bachelors: While Aunt Bee is away, Andy and Opie are looked after by Andy's girlfriend.
Mr. McBeevee: Andy is convinced that Opie's new friend is only imaginary. I never cared for this episode but it is usually ranked highly with TAGS fans. It shows Andy's faith in his son in that he believed him without the proof of seeing the man who lives in the trees and wears a shiny hat.
Andy's Rich Girlfriend: Barney gets Andy thinking that his rich girlfriend is out of his league.
Barney Mends a Broken Heart: After Andy has a fight with Peggy, Barney arranges a date for Andy and himself with the 'fun girls' from Mt. Pilot.
Andy and the New Mayor: Andy is being closely watched by Mayberry's new mayor Roy Stoner.
The Cow Thief: The mayor doesn't have faith in Andy and Barney to catch a cattle rustler. One of my favorite episodes. One of my favorite lines is when Andy teases Barney about the plaster casts: "I like to put a little eggwhite in mine."
Floyd, the Gay Deceiver: Floyd poses as a wealthy man to impress his pen pal.
The Mayberry Band: The mayor does not approve of the town marching band playing at the state capitol because they are so bad. Andy recruits Freddy Fleet and His Band With a Beat. One of my favorites. The Mayberry Band trying to rehearse "Stars and Stripes Forever" is one of the funniest moments in T.V. history!
Lawman Barney: Two farmers who are illegally selling vegetables in town show little respect for Barney or the law.
Convicts-at-Large: One of the best TAGS episodes of all time! Barney and Floyd are held hostage by three escaped female convicts. Has the best Floyd line: "Maude, Al, if those hamburgers are ruined, I won't be responsible."
The Bed Jacket: Aunt Bee has her heart set on Andy buying her a bed jacket for her birthday. Andy thinks his aunt would appreciate something more practical.
Barney and the Governor: Another favorite of mine. Barney tickets the governor's car and is afraid he will lose his job. Otis spikes the spring water and its soon "Happy New Year" for Barney and the Mayor. Great lines: "put that in his smike and poke it," "bless his heart."
Man in a Hurry: Consistently ranked number 1 by TAGS fans. Mayberry is seen through the eyes of a frustrated businessman whose car breaks down on a Sunday.
The Bank Job: Barney shows the local bank is far from burglar-proof.
One-Punch Opie: Opie's friends are influenced by a tough new kid..
High Noon in Mayberry: Andy is visited by a man he put behind bars. Barney is sure the man is out for revenge.
The Loaded Goat: A local goat has eaten some dynamite.
Class Reunion: At Barney and Andy's class reunion, Andy looks for his old girlfriend.
Rafe Hollister Sings: Farmer Rafe Hollister has the best voice to represent Mayberry in a singing contest but the mayor and his wife think he's too shabby for public display.
Opie and the Spoiled Kid: Opie is taught how to get a bigger allowance but finds out temper tantrums and breath-holding has no effect on Andy.
The Great Filling Station Robbery: Andy plays detective when Wally's garage is robbed.
Andy Discovers America: Andy criticizes Helen Crump's history teaching requirements.
Aunt Bee's Medicine Man: A traveling medicine man comes to Mayberry. Soon Aunt Bee is "feelin' no pain' and singing "China Town." One of the funniest episodes.
The Darlings Are Coming: First appearance of the Dillards. A betrothed mountain girl develops a crush on Andy.
Andy's English Valet: Englishman Malcolm Merrieweather works off a fine at Andy's house.
Barney's First Car: Barney buys a lemon from a sweet little old lady. Another favorite of mine.
The Rivals: Thelma Lou makes Barney jealous when she trues to help Opie get over a crush who is not interested in him.
A Wife for Andy: Barney plays matchmaker for Andy but disapproves of Helen Crump because she cannot cook "Andy's favorite dish."
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs: Dogs accumulate at the courthouse just when an inspector is supposed to arrive.
Mountain Wedding: Ernest T. Bass makes his intentions known to Charlene Darling.
The Big House: Barney's prisoners escape from "the rock."

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